Toni Giménez has been a professional performer of children's music in Catalonia since 1977. He is a folksinger for adults too.

He's made 143 recordings and published 66 books and songbooks.

He has a repertoire of more than 1.300 songs.

He has more than 2.900 videos on Youtube.

He has given 4.000 performances.

He has taught 400 seminars of songs and teaching techniques.

He is a guitar instructor (guitar for teachers and "fingerpicking" style guitar)

He's an instructor of 5-string banjo ("frailing" style)

He is Ph.D. in Pedagogy.

Toni's performances are pedagogical and are aimed at helping children to grow in a positive way while at the same time providing a valuable resource for schools and centers of education.

Lively songs, soothing songs and ones with a moral content. Traditional dances from around the world and newly created ones too. Instrumental music.

His work is carried out in Catalan in Catalonia and in Spanish (Castilian) in the rest of Spain and in Latin America.

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For any information on his performances, courses for teachers, guitar and banjo classes, or publications, you can contact him directly by e-mail at:

Apartat de Correus (PO Box) 20.074. 08080 Barcelona (Catalonia), Spain